Our Team


The team consists of a talented pool of artists, designers, architects, film-makers, creative directors, project managers, marketing and branding experts; specifically selected for each client’s needs.


Kerri Ainsworth [www.thedesigningwoman.com.au]
Production Designer | Creative Director

Kerri Ainsworth creates experiential spaces and branded environments. She is a designer, artist and creative director with over 25 years experience working with the corporate sector and government agencies. Her work spans a number of industries including public art installation, film, television and events. Kerri has created and produced installations and experiential spaces for clients such as Telstra, IBM, QANTAS, Kellogg’s, Westpac, AMP, Sydney Water, Visa, Panasonic, McDonald’s, Unilever and SOCOG.

Some of her projects have included designing the feature film, “Mr Accident,” art directing the “Deep Sea Dreaming” segment for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games and designing the interior of the International Film School Sydney.

More recently Kerri was commissioned by the University of Technology Sydney to produce a series of installations using sustainable practice as a showcase for its conference, “Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Development Through Events”. Her work as an installation artist explores the synthesis of sustainable technologies and recycled materials.

Kerri has a Masters Degree in Design from the University of NSW, specialising in Public Art Installation, Event Design and Sustainable Practice. In 2011 she presented a paper at the conference, “Design Principles and Practices” at the Sapienza University in Rome. Her articles have been published in academic journals as well as trade publications.

A regular lecturer at several Sydney educational institutes, Kerri is also often featured as a guest speaker at industry events including the Australian events industry’s largest trade show Sydney’s Event Showcase (RSVP).

Robert Costa [www.bcarchitects.com.au]
Architect | Project Manager | Creative Director

Robert Costa is a registered architect, designer and creative director with more than 30 years’ industry experience in the architectural and design profession. He has held associate and director positions with a number of architectural firms. Robert has been involved in several award winning projects for hotels, resorts, urban planning and revitalisation of vast areas including 40 square kilometre city replanning in China.

More recently, as a creative director of an in-house production company and think tank, Robert has explored new ways of illustrating architecture and urban scales through the use of 3 dimensional film techniques and animation.

Robert has been a long time supporter of green building initiatives and the Green Building Council of Australia and is currently a Green Star Associate. The GBCA’s objectives are: “ …. to drive the transition of the Australian property industry towards sustainability by promoting green building programs, technologies, design practices and operations as well as the integration of green building initiatives into mainstream design, construction and operation of buildings.

Robert Costa continues to contribute to the profession as a Practice Member of the Australian Institute of Architects and the Architects Accreditation Council (Nominated Architect NSW ARB No. 4668), as an examiner (Architectural Practice Examination) and Assessor of Review of Academic Equivalence. He holds degrees in Science and Architecture from the University of NSW.

Warren Langley [www.warrenlangley.com.au]
Warren Langley creates site related works for the built environment and natural settings. Light art and works using light in conjunction with glass and other permanent materials feature extensively in his repertoire. These works define and reinforce their immediate locations, providing focus and drama in their settings. His work increasingly blurs the boundary between art, architecture and engineering.