Environmental Policy


A critical component of our business is social responsibility and environmental protection. We aim to incorporate these values in all the projects we undertake and will be reflected in our choice of suppliers, contractors and creative practitioners.

Our policy is to meet all relevant regulatory requirements and to minimise any adverse environmental effects resulting from our activities.

We will continually assess the environmental impact of our operations and, through minimising the use of materials and resources on construction projects and in the office environment, we will reduce our wastage to the lowest practicable level.

Consideration will always be given to the environmental effects of our raw materials: sourcing, specifying and wherever possible using materials and components that can be recycled.

Through strategic planning we will minimise the environmental effect of new construction and aim to include environmental considerations in investment decisions.

Employee involvement in environmental matters is encouraged at all levels and will be promoted through training, communications and a constant reappraisal of working methods and techniques.