About Us


ECO|LOGICAL|ART is a multi-disciplinary art and design practice operating at the intersection of ecology, sculpture, architecture, live performance and installation art.

Our goal is to embed in people’s minds your Company’s commitment to a sustainable future using focused, high impact, ecologically sound, Visual Arts Projects. We raise your Corporate Profile and make your Branding synonymous with Ecologically Sound Ideals.

Our projects provide an interface between the Business and the Art World. Drawing on our combined experience in both sectors, we are able to devise unique creative strategies, while understanding the needs of government agencies, the corporate sector and their stakeholders.

We aim to raise your profile through Public Art Projects and Purpose Designed Events, harnessing the diverse skills of established Industry Professionals to plant in the Public’s Consciousness your Company’s commitment to ecologically sustainable practice.

ECO|LOGICAL|ART specialises in developing art and design initiatives to revitalise urban spaces and buildings, through the creation of site-specific art installations, experiential environments, urban interventions and events. Our comprehensive project management services, for both public and private spaces, include artist and material selection, community engagement strategies, marketing and branding, as well as overseeing fabrication, installation and maintenance of artworks.

The team consists of a talented pool of artists, designers, architects, film-makers, creative directors, project managers, marketing and branding experts; specifically selected for each client’s needs.


DESCRIPTION: Interior Spaceship Set
MATERIALS: Recycled Packaging, Computer Parts, LED Strip
CLIENT: Channel V, Foxtel, Sydney